Dentist Bellingham WA


Taking care of our smile and teeth is essential to our overall health and happiness.
For some of us, the mere idea of going to the dentist brings images and fear of the pain we may or may not experience.

As a young man, I was lead to believe that my anxiety and fear over the pain I experienced at the dentist was my problem. I was made to feel that I had to simply deal with it and behave myself while in the dental chair enduring the treatments and procedures.

When I became a dentist, it was instantly obvious to me that I was a dentist with dental phobia. And, as a result of this, I have spent my practice of over 25 years collecting ideas on pain and anxiety control and communicating with my patients with empathy and understanding.

I put together many of these ideas and often-asked questions to help you deal with dental fears when you find yourself ready to make that appointment to come in and see us.

Your care and experience are important to us.