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What is an Intra-Oral Camera?

One of the best ways we can partner with you in your oral health care is to help you understand your examination, diagnosis, and treatment. A valuable tool we use to accomplish those patient-education goals is the intra-oral camera.

It’s part of our commitment to you to reduce anxiety and raise your level of comfort in the office. This tool provides for increased comfort as we examine and diagnose and plan with you a treatment going forward.

This small, handheld video camera is about the same size as a dental mirror (or an oversized pen) and comes with a disposable plastic sheath for contamination prevention. We use it to take actual pictures of your teeth with up to 25 times magnification and project them onto a screen to review with you. We can also use it to give you a video tour of your entire mouth so that you can see things such as plaque deposits, decay, worn teeth, and broken or missing fillings.