Nocturnal Bruxism

Did you know that roughly 8% of American adults grind their teeth at night in their sleep? In this blog, we will break down the symptoms, and treatment options available for Nocturnal Bruxism. SYMPTOMS Symptoms indicating this are having sleep-partners tell you that you grind your teeth, and/or you may wake up with sore teeth, […]

Bite Problems

One of the issues we see in our practice is abnormally worn teeth. Sometimes patients are aware of this problem, and sometimes the change has taken place over such a long period of time that they aren’t aware of the issue until it’s brought to their attention. The normal amount of wear on teeth (according […]

A Good-Bye and a Hello!

Diana has been our Hygienist for several years and has deservedly won the hearts and minds of our patients with her gentle clinical style and lively earnest discussions with our patients. We have enjoyed her laughter and camaraderie with our staff and she has been a genuine friend – not just a coworker. Unfortunately, Diana […]

Dr can we please have a shot today!?

Our experiences in childhood often change how we feel about dentistry years later. One interesting twist occurred some years ago in our practice. A family of Russian immigrants with a number of children ranging from 5 to 17 had made appointments for their dental care needs. The eldest of those children spoke the best English, […]

We are Open

Last week, several media outlets including KING 5 News, The Seattle Times, and KUOW incorrectly reported that Gov. Inslee’s updated Proclamation 20-24.2 suspends non-urgent medical and dental procedures beginning Dec. 3. The Washington State Dental Association (WSDA) and our office would like to assure patients that these reports are incorrect; non-urgent dental procedures are NOT […]

Nervous When Visiting The Dentist? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Stay Calm!

Going to the dentist is very important for your dental hygiene, but some dental-goers have extreme anxiety when it comes to following through with their appointments. Even though it may not be the most comfortable appointment to commit to, it’s an extremely important one. We understand what it’s like to be uneasy about routine check-ups, […]