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Dental Health – Achievable without Pain or Anxiety

25 Years of Dental Comfort Expertise

At the Bellingham dental office of Eric Yaremko, DMD, our promise and commitment to you is to work with you to help you overcome your dental fears to successfully complete any dental treatment you desire.  Dr. Yaremko has spent 25 years attending postdoctoral education and collecting information, gaining knowledge, and developing a specific skillset that allows him to help patients with dental fears.

Your experience is important to us

Your comfort is our primary concern. Our goal is to put you completely at ease throughout your entire dental experience in our office. From our full explanations and attention to all of your questions to making you an active participant in your treatment plan, we’re here to help you feel safe, relaxed and ready to get the care you want in our specially designed controlled atmosphere.

The first step to dental health with no anxiety or fear is to contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Yaremko when you are ready to talk about your dental needs.

We Pride Ourselves on Our Service

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If you find yourself avoiding the dentist due to any of the following, Dr. Yaremko is here to help:

  • Dental Anxiety
  • Bad Gag Reflex
  • Difficulty getting and staying numb
  • Fear of knowing the severity of your dental problems
  • Overwhelmed and fearful of addressing the need for extensive or complex treatments

“As an adolescent, my dental experiences were both painful and frightening. I felt like I had no control over each situation and my providers lacked sympathy and were at a loss to comfort me. As a young man, my skills in science and my dream of making a difference in people’s lives converged, leading me into the field of dentistry. I had become a dentist who was dental phobic. I’ve spent over 25 years collecting techniques designed to make myself and others feel more relaxed and comfortable about going to the dentist.”

— Dr. Eric Yaremko


Taking care of our smile and teeth is essential to our overall health and happiness.

For some of us, the mere idea of going to the dentist brings images and fear of the pain we may or may not experience.