What Our Patients Say

Read what our patients have to say about Eric Yaremko, DMD, PS in Bellingham, Washington.

I suffer from a moderate case of “dental anxiety” and hence I am very sensitive about dental care, even to the point of neglecting check-ups, etc. I have found that Dr. Yaremko’s manner, and that of his staff erases nearly all my fears. I have never met a dentist who is so concerned with his patient’s comfort as Dr. Yaremko. He has the ability to put me at ease. I know he cares about the fact that I have dental anxiety, and he has the caring and skill to alleviate it.

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Yaremko to all of my friends. He is an excellent dentist and totally understanding and helpful. If you have any fear about going to a dentist. He goes over in great detail a procedure a patient needs. His office staff and assistants are very professional and personable and go over all details to help you financially. Dr. Yaremko is very meticulous in all he does and leaves you feeling no fear at all to visit the dentist.

As a child I grew up dreading the dentist because of the pain and discomfort. Since I have been going to Dr. Yaremko I don’t have the same feelings as I did as a child. During my several years as a patient of Dr. Yaremko I have not had any pain associated with his dental work. I have had the opportunity to relax in an inviting environment and also watch movies as my dental work is completed. I appreciate the caring atmosphere and high quality of dental work that I receive from Dr. Yaremko.

I have been a patient of Dr. Yaremko for several years. And feel very satisfied with all he has done for me. Finally, after many years to find a dentist who is gentle, painless, and also who does beautiful work is wonderful. My husband, daughter and son-in law are also patients and feel as I do.

Dr. Yaremko has been our family dentist for (about) 10 years. Even though we moved out of the Bellingham area 4 years ago, my wife and I continue with him because we know we’re receiving the best dental work both from him and his great staff.

In several years of being a patient of Dr. Yaremko, I’ve found his professionalism and that of his staff to meet all my expectations in choosing a dentist. I’m very satisfied with the excellent quality of the work done on me. The office visits have always been caring and supportive to meet my needs.

The sincere effort to make patients comfortable, and acting on their wants or needs truly sets this office apart. My whole family has transferred their dental care to this office, and have enjoyed the personal care received by Dr. Yaremko. I personally appreciate the patience staff exhibits with nervous patients.

Dr. Yaremko has always explained my options when treating me. He, and his staff, seem to place my comfort high in their priorities of my dental care.

While I don’t enjoy having the dental work done, I certainly do enjoy relaxing in the massage chair, listening to the music and watching the videos. Of course the drugs (novocain, valium, what-have-you) help too. I don’t panic any more about going to the dentist.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thoughts on your method of treatment. First of all, in my 46 years I have had more than my share of bad experiences with dentists. When I met my wife in 1982 I had not seen a dentist for 10 years. My gums and teeth were in very bad shape. We moved to Bellingham in the summer of 1990. Our daughter was 14 months old at the time. She came to see you when she turned 18 months old and that started our history with you. You are the only dentist she feels safe with. She is terrified of needles. Which brings this to me. I first came to see you in 1992 I was very nervous and scared. You from the first moment we met put me at ease. When you began to treat my multitude of problems you were direct, empathetic, and sympathetic to my fears. I have since almost become comfortable in your chair. I still have some fears about needles and root canals, but without your sensitive and kind outlook I would have let my teeth go bad. My family and I would like to thank you for your never ending excellent work when it comes to tooth and gum health and repair. You have become a most trusted and welcome family friend and we appreciate all that you do, for us and the rest of your clientele. Thank you so much.

For a long time I “hated” dentists! In fact, my dislike was so strong that I avoided them for over 10 years. My biggest fear- the shots. Then I found Eric Yaremko who understood my fear and worked with the resistant me to find ways to overcome my dread. Recently, I have had some major dental work done because of a childhood abnormality. Now, because of these wonderful things called drugs, I don’t worry about upcoming dental appointments and it doesn’t matter what the procedure is. My anxiety management plan includes Triazolam, an under the tongue pill taken an hour before the appointment that makes me feel groggy and relaxed, with an “I don’t care” attitude, but no anxiety. Also Eric uses a numbing agent on my gums and nitrous oxide (gas). Sound like a lot, but it’s not and I wouldn’t do it any other way. I guess my message to those who are afraid is-there’s a way. It may not be my way, but you can find it!

It is my pleasure to testify to the excellent care you have provided throughout the years. The first comments that I have already made to those who suffer the same level of dental anxiety may or may not be helpful in you campaign. I explain that Novocain shots, nitrous oxide and prescription muscle relaxing drugs can be dispensed by any dentist. What solidifies my commitment to your office is the assessment of what treatment works best for my level of anxiety. The amount of time and sincerity invested in the delivery of care for my anxiety has built a foundation of trust. It is that trust that treats true deeply rooted anxiety. The quality of repairs and commitment to craftsmanship is obvious, admired and depended on. Over time, the anticipation of a construction worker standing on my chest with a jackhammer in my mouth prior to an appointment has faded away. My anxiety may never completely vanish, but I know that when I leave your office, I have received the best technical and emotional care I have ever experienced. It’s all about trust my friend. The hygienist and office staffs are all on board with my history of anxiety. That same commitment to care is experienced throughout your office and has represented continuity and consistency throughout the years. Thank you so much for your God given talents and skill.

Since my first visit to Dr. Yaremko approximately 10 years ago, I have had absolute faith in his knowledge and service. Besides being both personable and professional himself, his staff is one of the best I have ever encountered. My teeth have posed some challenges, but I have never worried about the care I have received. I would highly recommend Dr. Yaremko to anyone who desires a very high level of service and experience along with an attitude of sensitivity to the personal needs and/or challenges of each patient. Since my move over 3 years ago from Bellingham to Snohomish County, I still drive to receive my dental care from Dr. Yaremko. Dr. Yaremko and his staff have always put the patient ahead of themselves, and in that respect they understand the nature of true service professionals.

My experience with your practice over the last few years has been nothing but care and concern for my dental health as well as making me as comfortable as possible. Initially I chose you practice because you do not treat multiple patients, skipping from chair to chair. I have had just about every kind (at least it seems that way) of dental procedures as your patient. Each procedure has been explained to me; if there are any choices those are also offered so that I can decide what is best for me.