What is General Anesthesia?

General Anesthesia (GA) is a medically induced state of unconsciousness. It’s often referred to the patient being truly “asleep”. It differs from other types of sedation where the patient is conscious but medicated into a relaxed state. Here, we work as a team with an anesthesiologist that comes to our office to administer the general anesthetic. Dr. Yaremko and team perform the dental work needed while the patient is truly unconscious. Read more on this on our Anxiety Control page.

Our Experience

Dr. Yaremko has performed thousands of hours of dental work alongside anesthesiologists. This means that our team is well versed in working with general anesthesia patients. We routinely provide this service for our patients.

When Should I Use GA?

  • We take care of patients who have a 10/10 anxiety level about dental treatment
  • Patients who have had some negative experiences with local anesthetic
  • Patients that have neurological, or
  • Mental challenges (special needs patients)

We offer this service in our office rather than in a hospital. This increases time available for the treatment and efficiency of care!

How do we use it?

For patients who are able to be examined before general anesthesia, we take you through a very thorough examination and comprehensive treatment plan. We then work out a phased plan with the patient in order to proceed with dental care under general anesthesia. All-in-all, we inform you every step of the way!

For patients whose challenges prevent an exam and treatment plan before a general anesthetic, we will try to perform the “best look that the patient will tolerate ” and then estimate a shorter anesthesia care-time as the first appointment. This will enable us to do diagnostic procedures and one or two routine procedures, or take care of some truly emergent needs.

If you feel that you or your loved ones would benefit from General Anesthesia in our office and you feel that you are ready to find out more give us a call at (360) 734-6620 or visit our website. We’re ready when you are.